New guide helps young farmers plan their business


A new online guide has been created for young farmers to help them with their career and business planning during an uncertain time of agricultural transition.

The Fit for Business Guide is one component of the three-part NFYFC Building Skills project, funded by Defra, which also includes tailored training for YFCs.

the the guide contains information on conservation agriculture, the role of integrated pest management (IPM) and agroforestry, as well as links to other resources.

It builds on NFYFC’s work with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to bring information to young farmers about the Allerton Project’s on-farm conservation farming practices.

GWCT’s project studies the effects of different farming methods on the environment and identifies management that provides benefits for sustainable food production as well as environmental good.

This work covers natural capital accounting, agri-environmental schemes and regenerative farming systems.

Joe Stanley, training manager at GWCT, said the online guide was “timely” as it recognized the need for additional skills to adapt to emerging government policies.

“With a training offering to share best practices and a farm to demonstrate business benefits, NFYFC and GWCT are pleased to collaborate on a project to help share news, provide training and report additional information during this time of transition. .

“We hope this guide will help young farmers identify skills they may need, information to help them advance their careers or land management plans and provide training options.”

Members of the YFC AGRI group met in June at the Allerton Project Farm to discuss skills needed for emerging policies, fledgling businesses and new entrant opportunities.

The group members got the most out of sharing their farming and land management experience while considering the future viability of the business and the skills needed.

In a discussion that explored ways to help new entrants and next-generation farmers achieve sustainability, the group agreed that clear food labeling indicating environmental impact will be among the marketing tools needed to raise awareness. consumers.

They also agreed on the need to take a practical and realistic approach to the effects of seismic policy changes and trade deals.

Groups of YFC members will also visit the Allerton Farm project to gain insight into its working practices as well, as part of the Building Skills project.

Outgoing YFC AGRI President and poultry farmer Tom Pope said a new approach to collaborative support for skills and the creation of sustainable businesses were high on the agenda for young farmers.

“The Fit for Future Business Guide is something I highly recommend reading and sharing,” he said.

“Young farmers can make the most of the wealth of information that has been researched and put into practice by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.”


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