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September 21, 2021

The Best Mobile Gaming Stocks To Invest In Right Now Our Top 5

Mobile gaming stocks are becoming incredibly attractive to investors. While there is no definitive list of mobile gaming actions, we do give you a list of mobile gaming actions that are well worth …


May 1, 2021

Esports to Invest In – Long-term perspectives and new avenues of approach

As with any fast-growing industry, investing in esports is currently attracting a lot of interest. The focus is on companies and titles that are already successful. Instead, let us …


April 13, 2021

Astralis Group share could double in value after OTCQX registration

The popular Danish esports organization Astralis recently took a big step forward. The group announced on April 6 that it had applied to the OTCQX, the highest level of the over-the-counter (OTC) stock market …

Esports news

April 7, 2021

Tfue Launches Personal NFT Collection With Unique Videos and Artwork

Tfue (Turner Tenney) is launching their own NFT collection this week. Entitled “NFTfue King of Gaming Collection”, it contains three unique animations and a special collection of figures. That’s why I wrote to you…


March 10, 2021

Esport will become the mainstream sports competition by 2025

Esport is the buzzword we can’t help but read and hear wherever we go. Will esport become mainstream? Looks like Juniper Research knows the answer. Recent research indicates …

Esports news

August 17, 2020

Review of tech stocks amid WeChat and TikTok ban and streaming mergers

The past couple of weeks have certainly been interesting at the intersection of tech, government, and gaming, especially if you’re into tech or gaming. WE…

Esports news

July 26, 2020

The LEC partnership with Erste Group is a big step

Last week, Erste Group Bank AG (Erste Group) declared its intention to work with Riot Games to support the growth of esports and develop communities. The Erste Group will …

Esport industry

April 29, 2020

Will gaming and esports startups survive the coronavirus crisis?

The video game and esports industry was booming before the coronavirus crisis took hold. In 2019, the video game market likely reached a value of $ 150 billion. Esport was well worth …

Esport industry

March 13, 2020

Super League Gaming: Stock Market vs Real Success

Esports is a billion dollar industry, but not everyone who participates in it can make a profit – unfortunately, this is also true of Super League Gaming. The company organizes events for amateurs …

Esports news

March 6, 2020

Video game stocks to buy and watch (Q1 / March 2020)

Interest in gaming and esports stocks is growing rapidly as the esports industry is poised to triple in size over the next few years. Audiences are increasing, sponsorship agreements are …

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Esports Finance News

Esports as an industry will likely surpass a billion dollar valuation this year, the esports opportunity could mean a lot of money for brands, game publishers and even gamers, so the news esports sales are also big news.

Here at, we’ll follow and report the most important esports business news related to esports companies, investors, teams and players. Esports finance and gaming finance come under close scrutiny as the esports industry progresses from infancy to maturity and becomes a major entertainment industry for all demographics as well as a key contributor. to global GDP.

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Esports business news

Newzoo, in its 2020 report, puts esports net worth at $ 1.1 billion this year, with recent growth of 15% year-on-year. This rapid growth presents an opportunity not only for the mainstays of the gaming and esports industry, but also for brands and investors looking to take advantage of the latest in consumer entertainment.

Of great interest to investors is esport investment and esport trading or equity opportunities, they will follow esports business news as closely as we will. identify their next income generating investment. For esports and gaming businesses, this influx of interest coupled with a capital investment will help both ideas and businesses grow, further fueling the boom in the esports industry.

Trade and investment in esport

The growth of the esports industry took a new step in 2019 with the first IPO of the team of the Danish group Astralis. With this, other new IPOs and the growth of publicly traded game publishers and esports companies, the market for esports trading and buying esports shares has expanded significantly. .

Esports stocks are proving to be of great interest to both millennial investors as well as investment legends looking to break into such a thriving new niche. Some experts believe that esports stocks could be the way to invest successfully for 2020. It is even possible to invest money in Twitch stocks. Video game stocks are also already an established market for investors, and the success of esports is attracting increased interest from video game publishers and associated companies.

For those who haven’t played on the stock market yet and aren’t quite ready to face the challenges Wall Street and investing in global markets can face, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may be a bet less. volatile. A growing number of ETFs are targeting millennial investors and gaming fans. An ETF is an investment in a ‘basket’ of companies rather than a single one, which can reduce the risk of supporting only one player. Today, many entertainment ETFs encompass stocks from the media, games and esports sectors.

Roundhill Investments launched its NERD ETF in 2019 as a way to invest in the esports industry. It is specifically focused on esports and targets companies directly involved in competitive gaming.

Paris Esports and Fantasy Esports leagues

Esports betting and the development of fantastic esports leagues are a dramatically booming part of the esports industry. Betting has always been an essential derivative of traditional sports and many sports fans love to bet on their favorite players and teams. One more step and for some, sports betting is a hobby and a source of income in its own right. As esports grows and cheating and credibility issues are quickly resolved, esports betting is expected to experience the same success as sports betting.

In fact, for 2020, where many traditional sports leagues are being canceled due to Covid-19 and esports and esports betting at physical distance have sparked growing interest as those who stay at home turn to new forms of entertainment. . Many sports betting companies are reporting spikes in fantastic leagues and sports betting interest in the first quarter of 2020 and beyond.

The game company

With some predicting that the esports industry could quickly surpass a value of $ 3 billion in the next few years, the esports business is major news. Players and teams have a vested interest in the success of publishers, tournament organizers and of course their own achievements. They are also part of a global phenomenon, catching the attention of all generations and many giant companies who now see esport as valid as traditional sports. Global businesses, traders, investors and citizens see the potential of esport funding, esport investing, esport betting and not to mention esport participation. There are more players today than ever before.


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