Business News | Metawood Launches Sher Shivraj Trailer; First Marathi Movie Trailer in Metaverse


Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]April 19 (ANI/NewsView): UFO Moviez and Mumbai Movie Studios (MMS) along with visionary director Digpal Lanjekar to bring Sher Shivraj movie trailer to the Metaverse, making it the first ever Marathi movie to be launched through the Metaverse. And to continue the historic task, Metawood was entrusted with the responsibility.

The world is witnessing the advent of WEB 3.0. Millennials are spending more and more time in the digital world. The younger generation are addicted to their gadgets and are now experimenting with digital technologies like artificial and virtual reality through various media. With their immersion in the modern world, the younger generation is losing touch with our rich heritage and culture.

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With that in mind, Metawood and director Digpal Lanjekar, known for Shivraj Ashtak, Pawankhind (2021), Farzand (2018) and Fatteshikast (2019) are bringing the Sher Shivraj trailer launch into the Metaverse after successfully premiering the life story of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on screen with the first three installments. Through Metaverse, they aim to create renewed vigor around the historical hero among the younger generation.

Metawood also plans to offer the film’s digital or NFT collectibles, through which fans can own a virtual piece of the film’s memorabilia.

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Metawood is the first integrated Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain movie platform in India. Launched by technology experts passionate about entertainment and cinema, Metawood will become an essential platform for all movie lovers who want to live their cinematic experience on WEB 3.0.

Yashodhan Ramteke, CEO of Metawood, said, “Meta-commerce is a multi-million dollar global industry which is at a very nascent stage in our country, we expect more content creators to join this space. The entertainment industry has a huge potential in Web 3.0, which has the power to become an important source of additional income for the entertainment industry, on the other hand, it is very important that we can keep our new generation in connect with our history and our heritage by communicating to them through media they want to watch.”

Digpal Lanjekar, the director of the film said, “Sher Shivaji is an 8 film series and it already holds many records and today it has become the first Marathi film to enter the world of metaverse which is a leap into the future.”

Nitin Keni, Producer of Sher Shivraj said, “It is a good thing for us that Sher Shivraj is the first Marathi film to enter the world of Metaverse, Metaverse has opened up a new avenue of revenue generation and I am delighted of this new technology that will revolutionize the entertainment industry”.

Pankaj Jaisingh, CEO, Distribution Business, UFO Moviez, said: “Although we have no idea about the Metaverse or the technology, what has kept us going is the enthusiasm of the Metawood team. The Metaverse opens up another vertical in the entertainment industry. The experience across the Metaverse is phenomenal and NFTS and Metaverse together will drive business and help the industry grow.”

Metawood brings the best of both worlds: Blockchain and Entertainment. Non-fungible tokens aren’t the next big thing; they don’t arrive. They have already arrived and are already a big thing. Metawood is committed to bringing you NFTs and Metaverse among the finest properties in the Indian entertainment industry.

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