Bakery business planning to expand into Stratford town center


The continued growth of a business that provides cooking and baking experiences will see it expand into new premises.

Dough House, owned by Fulden Tur, was established in 2018, initially operating from a cottage in Birmingham Road, Stratford, before moving to Fulden’s home in Avon Crescent.

Dough chamber (54196745)

Now she is aiming for a downtown location and has applied for planning permission to move into a retail unit on Ely Street.

Although Stratford District Council has yet to make a decision on the development application, securing a town center location for the pulp house would be a watershed moment for Fulden.

“The first year I was in this little cottage, then people started asking for bigger events like bridal showers, baby showers or corporate team building events, and I decided I really needed space,” Fulden told the Herald. “Then this [Avon Cresent] house appeared, with a very large kitchen extension, and it was perfect for the company. So we moved in 2019 and then for two and a half years we have been running the business from here.

However, the Dough House needs more space as guests demand new experiences.

“People started asking if they could come and have a party and celebrate something, where they have food but they don’t cook or bake,” Fulden explained. “So we’ll need a separate reception room, and that’s one of the reasons I want to be in a downtown commercial property.

Dough chamber (54196668)
Dough chamber (54196668)

“In addition, we will be more visible in the center for daily tourists.”

Much of that business growth has been managed while weathering the storm of the pandemic, before which 80% of Dough House’s business came from tourists.

The effects of the pandemic reduced that figure to 5%, yet Fulden’s business continued to grow thanks to local interest.

“We launched an online food store during lockdown, selling our afternoon tea in a box along with Mediterranean brunches and stuff,” she said.

Dough chamber (54196679)
Dough chamber (54196679)

“Everything was homemade, organic and from scratch, and it was hugely popular. We also did online courses, and obviously it was not close to our usual sales, but we succeeded, we survived.

“Then after the lockdown, people started booking the experiences because they had already tried our products and loved them. Of course, word of mouth works very well; locals would come and experience here and then immediately send their friends or family over and recommend us. I’m really grateful and we’re busier than ever.

Fulden’s goal for the Ely Street unit is to recreate the atmosphere of his own home for patrons.

“People loved coming to my house, it made them more comfortable and cosy, because having someone’s house is like cooking with friends or family. So I don’t want to lose that feeling, because it’s an emotional part of the business and people love it.

“Then Ely Street will be perfect, because it’s like a cottage, with beams everywhere. When you are in the building it feels like you are in a home rather than a commercial property which is why I fell in love with the place and why I hope to enter as soon as possible.”


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