Quick Payday loans

ZYX is part of the ABC group and offers loans, in addition to cards and current accounts.

However, you do not have to have an account to take advantage of a ZYX loan, but as a customer you can speed up the loan waiting time as you have already been assessed.

Let’s see how much the ZYX loans agree, how many types there are, how they are characterized and above all how fast they are !

We list the ZYX loans in descending order by speed , starting from the fastest solution up to the solution which may take longer.

If you don’t want to read but want to speak directly with a ZYX manager, make an appointment immediately at the branch nearest you:

Finalized loan

Finalized loan

Depending on what you want to finance, ZYX has a customized solution.

We tell you right away that the finalized loan could be the fastest form of loan offered by ZYX – that’s why they are treated first on this page. Why do we say “could be” and not “is it for sure”? Because it always depends on your specific case. Read on to know what we mean.

For example, if you want to finance a new laptop, a mobile phone or a car, the finalized loan can be offered directly by the seller and you don’t have to deal directly with ZYX .

If you have a credit card to finance the desired object, the loan is granted immediately without further checks by ZYX . This is because they no longer have to check if you are a reliable applicant who has some liquidity – if you were not trustworthy, you would not have been granted a credit card.

To finance your wedding, new furniture or similar, but also for the things mentioned above, you can go to the branch or consult the online service.

Request the ZYX finalized loan directly from your nearest office. Make an appointment

Small loan of 1500 euros: The Mini Credit

Small loan

Do you often need a little more liquidity? And can you settle for 1,500 euros?

If you have a ZYXPay Card & Account you can take advantage of the MiniCredito offer which allows you to have a liquidity reserve of just 1,500 euros when you need it.

It is a small credit line, not a microcredit, which, once granted, you can withdraw directly from your account even if it is not covered. You must see this solution as a credit card ceiling : for example, as with a credit card, you will be charged an annual fee , which in this case amounts to 20 euros.

In other words, for 20 euros a year you have the security of having a little liquidity literally NOW , whenever you want.

The Mini Credit must be returned, depending on the debit balance of your current account, with fixed monthly installments of 50 or 100 euros , therefore at a specific maturity.

How much do I have to wait to get the 1500 Euro ZYX Mini-Credit?

The Mini Credit must be requested directly at the bank , it is not possible to request it online. You must therefore introduce yourself:

Request an APPOINTMENT now

Since this is a mini-credit, the approval times are shorter. Nevertheless, it is necessary to bring some documentation with you to the bank. We advise you to ask what you should bring with you the moment you make the appointment. Once granted, the credit is activated within a maximum of a couple of days.

Don’t have time to go to the branch? See immediately the other solutions for a microcredit.

In our opinion, there are excellent solutions to deal with the small unexpected expenses that can happen quickly.

Sale of the fifth

The sale of the fifth is generally faster than a personal loan, so we list it first.

Here are all the advantages:

  • you can have up to 75,000 euros on loan with a duration of up to 10 years;
  • it is not necessary to have a guarantor.
  • you can request a loan advance immediately
  • also accessible for bad payers

Who can take advantage of the sale of the fifth?

  • pensioners up to 79 years and 85 years at maturity financing, with a pension higher than 507.42 euros
  • workers with an indeterminate contract, whether state employees, a public body or a private company. If it is a private company, the reliability of the company is verified.

Request more info on the sale of ZYX’s fifth by making an appointment in the branch closest to you.

fast personal loans

fast personal loans

ZYX is a very fast financial company towards other solutions. It means: any loan you ask, they hurry.

Times of personal loans

Let’s get straight to the point before you read on: Once the loan is granted, the payment is made quickly within 24/46 hours on the current account or is paid by check, depending on your choice.

Instead, it’s the outcome you have to wait anyway . When it comes to a high-value personal loan, it is normal and even from ZYX requires a time of up to 2 weeks .

So, if you like it, within 2-3 weeks you have the money required on the account, which is fast compared with other banks.
What are the personal loans offered by ZYX?

Depending on your needs, ZYX currently offers various personal loan offers .

The requirements to access them are the same for all ZYX personal loans:

They can be requested by: pensioners, workers and without payroll or self-employed

Age : From 18 to 75 years old. Please note that you must be 75 years old at the end of the refund .

Even foreigners can apply for this loan, as long as they have been resident in Italy for at least a year and meet the requirements that apply to everyone else.
To get all the information you need, immediately fix an appointment in the branch nearest you:


What are personal loans?

Here are the different personal loans ZYX:

“Excellent” personal loan

This is the standard offer made available by ZYX. The strong point is that in the choice of amount (however up to 30,000 euros ), installment and duration are quite flexible.

Total Flex and Jump

With Total Flex and Jump you have some extra advantages :

  • you can skip an installment once a year (having to communicate it first) and for a maximum of 5 times for the entire duration of the loan.
  • you have the option to decrease the amount of monthly installments
  • you can make an early redemption without extra costs

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