Credit Rating Inquiry

There are various services provided by the Credit Registration Office under the Honest Bank brand. Among these services, credit ratings and risk reports are frequently used by consumers.

Because, thanks to these products and services, consumers can examine the payments related to the loans that are still active or have been closed within a certain period of time, can check the data of the previous period and question the credit rating generated on these data. This allows the consumer to analyze the progress in the report before the loan application…

Learning Credit Rating



It is possible to benefit from these services provided by the Credit Registration Office through Good Finance. You can learn your Honest Bank credit rating, check your outstanding debts, review payments for your past and current credit products and avoid unwanted delays by using the following channels.

Most importantly, learning the credit rating through Good Finance gives the person detailed information about his solvency. This makes the person a conscious consumer. So, which channels of the bank can you use for this process?

Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

You can learn your credit rating, which is created based on your payment performance for all banking products, at Good Finance mobile branch. To do this, you must first get Good Lender application and login.

Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch

Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch

Business Bank aims to respond to all the needs of Turkey’s Bank customers with the slogan next to your dreams allows questioning the conduct of credit rating process from the internet branch. However, the Bank, which cannot provide instant service regarding the credit rating via SMS, enables the credit rating to be learned only through internet branches, mobile branches and ATMs.

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